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Cartridge Filters

Standard Properties

Paint : Production which is St37-2 is painted in/out double times.

Tubing : Galvanized St37-2 is steel or PN16 PVC-U.

Automation : Between DCF0214 and DCF1015 controls with multi-way valves.Between DCF1215 and DCF3015 controls by diaphragm valve which is surface tubed or electrical actuator valve.

* Maximum 9 bar for working pressure,
* Back-washing by timer,
* Automatic air clearing valve,
* Manual including air valve and drainage valve for tank,
* Examplar valves ( in/out lines of the system ) ,
* Manometers ( in/out lines of the system ) ,
* PLC / IP 54 controller panel with smart relay control,
* Electric 220 V / 50 Hz / 1 pH,

Optional Properties

* Back-washing with pressure difference control
* Switch of pressure difference
* Special filter design of application
* Grazing with air before back-washing
* Flow sensor and monitor
* Neoprene or CTP casing
* Tank production for ASME standards
* Filter tanks with Loyd certificate
* Production of high pressure tank
* Galvanized tank production with hot-dip

Multimedia Filters

Multimedia filters, the suspended solids in the water, turbidity and remove invisible other particles away and to protect the equipment.When the system is designing, a lot of layers which has different degrees beds into the body. In a well-made filtration systems which will go to other treatment filters of load will be minimum and the yield and equipment’s life are going to increase.

Automatic multi-layer sand filters become three granule size gravel, quartz sand and anthracite which is on top. The cause of usage of different included sand, creating a minimum space between layers and maximum sedimantation capacity. The most important parameters that effecting of the yield, amount of minerals, correct sequence, chemical structure, granulometric properties, filtration rate. In a filter of filtration accuracy is less than 10 micron when good beared and appropriated to pollution load of filtration rate.

Multimedia Tubing with Surface Tubing

Filtration system which is designed for industrial usages made by steel and inner surface painted with epoxy, exterior surface painted with synthteic dyes. Automatical service and back-washing processes control by a group of hydrolic valves which have diaphragm. Starting time and operating frequency of back-washing can set on the logic programmer panel.

Model Size Cartridge Number Cartridge Size Connection
DCF 420 300x1210 4 20" 2"(DN50)
DCF 720 350x980 7 20" 2/12"(DN65)
DCF 730 350x1230 7 30" 2/12"(DN65)
DCF 920 400x980 9 20" 2/12"(DN65)
DCF 930 400x1230 9 30" 3"(DN80)
DCF 940 400x1530 9 40" 4"(DN100)
DCF 1530 500x1260 15 30" 4"(DN100)
DCF 1540 500x1560 15 40" 4"(DN100)
DCF 2230. 620x1280 22 30" 4"(DN100)
DCF 2240 620x1580 22 40" 5"(DN125)
20µ 0.2 2000
0.2 1500
0.2 350

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